In July of 2021 the Copperstate4Wheelers Club will be heading up to Colorado for a week.  Before we can do that we need to complete a Rig Inspection, which we do for most major trip we take as a club.  Here are just some of the pictures taken during this inspection that was hosted by our awesome member and Vice President Jim N.

We all get under each other Rigs and look at them closely, because when we look at our own Rigs we always see the same thing, but when we inspect others, things always seem to be found.  This time was no different, each member who joined found something that needs to be fixed.

Everyone who came had a great time and we all appreciate everything this club does for each other.  This is a great way to learn and teach others the safety and in-n-outs of our Rigs.

Member Adventures

​​​Copperstate 4 Wheelers

Adopt A Trail - We are very proud to announce our adoption of the Bulldog Canyon Area in Mesa Arizona !! -

We started in Alpine AZ with 9 Jeeps and heading into New Mexico to start the East to West across Northern AZ on a 950-mile journey to the California border on approximately 95% of dirt trails.  

As you can see from the photos the days where beautiful and dusty most of the time but for the first 3 days the mornings were welcomed with snow covered roads and vehicles, but as soon as the sun rose the snows melted and we had beautiful days.

We had participants drop out and new ones would join us, but the most vehicles we had at one time was 11 and the fewest was 4.

Some of us camped every night and some choose to find a hotel or motel.

A good friend of mine in Sedona had all of us over for a big barbecue that we all enjoyed, we had no break downs and no major obstacles that the Jeeps could not handle.

By:  Larry Blau

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